Counseling Services

Admission counseling services are offered to the student applying to refine their prospects of getting admitted in to their desired universities. The service ranges from analyzing a student's profile, recommending the universities/schools to which they can apply, drafting and editing sop/essay, to conducting mock interview sessions as pedagogy for admission interviews. Guiding students through the admissions time line for GRE/GMAT tests and career counseling.

Advantages of Admission Consulting

  • Expert Advice.
  • Personal Attention.
  • Better Chances to get University admissions.
  • Knowledge about Application, Scholarship, Financial Aid and Interview process.
  • Customized SOP and Essay Preparation.


Student Profiling is to understand the educational background of the student and the program eligibility. Student profile helps us to provide a deeper understanding of the individual's academic interest, abilities, career goals and etc. Based on these we can recommend him/her the best choice of country/university/program to study abroad.

Five areas to consider are:

  • Program preference
  • Academic achievement,
  • Country Preference
  • Work Exp/Extra Curricular/Publications & etc...
  • Career goals (Long term and Short term Goals)


  • Understanding the educational background of the student and the program eligibility. Perceive about his/her Short term and Long term Goals.
  • Perceive whether the Student is eligible for MS/MBA program. Suggest the best fit program to the student.
  • Understand the Country and Course Preference of the student and guiding him/her accordingly.
  • Ascertaining about student target admission Intake.
  • Which helps us to provide the first cut of University list.(University Shortlist).

Country Preference

Based on the student's program preference suggest accordingly why and where the program is prominent. Check with the student whether he/she is financially sound enough. Assume that student is looking for a masters and his budget is not more than 10 lakh. Then we can advice him/her to go for a country where the cost of tuition is nil or very nominal

CountryTuition & Fee (approx.)Living Expenses(approx.)Total(approx.)
USA INR 20-45 lakhs INR 10 lakhs INR 30-55 lakhs
UK INR 20-25 lakhs INR 10 lakhs INR 30–35 lakhs
CANADA INR 15-30 lakhs INR 10 lakhs INR 25-40 lakhs
AUSTRALIA INR 15-25 lakhs INR 5-7 lakhs INR 11-16 lakhs
SINGAPORE INR 15-25 lakhs INR 9 lakhs INR 24-34 lakhs
GERMANY Nil (administration fees of about 250-1000 Euros per sem.) INR 6-8 lakhs INR 10 lakhs
REST OF EUROPE INR 12-20 lakhs INR 8 lakhs INR 20-28 lakhs
REST OF ASIA INR 12-20 lakhs INR 6-8 lakhs INR 18-28 lakhs

Visa Counseling

Don't have time to spend hours and hours researching schools and applying to them? Let us do the work for you. Our admissions experts help you apply to the right schools the right way.

Once the interview is done and the University has extended an offer of admission to you, the next step is to prepare the financial documents for issuance of the I-20 (for USA) form from the University. On receiving the I-20 forms, the next step is obtaining the Visa .This is a very complex and scientific process made simple through our Visa Counseling Service. Every year, there are stories of students who receive admission offers, but are not given visas due to their performance in the visa interview.

We, at DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION offer to demystify this experience with our Visa Counseling Service:-

  • Provide you information and instructions for booking the Visa dates.
  • Provide guidance for paying the Visa and SEVIS fees and filling the Visa application forms.
  • Help you prepare the necessary Visa documents and hold mock Visa interview sessions.
  • Get financial certificate forms and instructions issued by the University as well as provide you with samples of bank letter/statement and affidavit of support and referrals to institutions issuing the loan.

DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION also provides Add-on Services like loan assistance, courier services, foreign exchange/ticketing and overseas medical insurance from our partners.

We streamline your international school application process by helping you take the right step at the right time so that you have a smooth journey – from take off to landing!

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Visa Process

Applying for visa is one of the most judgmental aspects of your pedagogy for study abroad.

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