• University Selection: Identifying the right universities based on the students your profile which is tailor made universities, your preferences, your financial considerations and the admission records of students from past years. We will give you a list of 15-20 universities and rate your chances of admission to each one. Your admissions counselor will then help you further zero down to the exact number of schools that you are planning to apply to.
  • Helping you identify your recommenders
  • Content editing for your Letters of Recommendations
  • Editing of your SOP (Statement of Purpose) and Essays
  • Building your Resume
  • Guiding students about the documents which include application forms, financial aid applications, transcripts, and financial documents
  • Reviewing your online application
  • Comprehensive and rigorous interview training: We will give you university-specific interview training.
  • Providing you with Value-Added Services such as insurance, discounted couriers, educational loans, discounted foreign exchange, ticketing and much more.

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