Our vision is to empower our capabilities to serve our clients better to become a leading brand in the sector and develop a respectable level of relationship with our partner institutions globally. We believe that human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and universe. DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and Information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Creating a Knowledge Portal and Providing World-Class Services, the Indian Way For several years, the MS/MBA admissions consulting industry has been thriving in the US, the primary market for the MS/MBA degree. In India, most applicants have conventionally preferred managing the entire application process on their own or at best reaching out to family and friends to review their application strategies. However, going by the experiences of MS/MBA at DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES, this approach seems to be changing fast as an increasing number of high-potential MS/MBA applicants from India are reaching out to get professional help if it can help improve their admission chances to their dream schools.

When Aenugula Ragav thought it was unfair that Indian MBA applicants, despite the potential, were not able to approach the extremely competitive international MBA admissions in the right manner, while others who were earning in Dollars, Pounds and Euros could engage international admissions consulting firms and strengthen their application further. That prompted him to launch the initiative, DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES, to make it a level playing field for people who work with us.

Our Mission

Our vision is to create an ecosystem and a portal that helps deserving candidates get kick-started and then complete their journey to enter the Universities of their choice.

At DHISHA GLOBAL EDUCATION SERVICES we believe in the leveraging capabilities of our experienced teams, networks and our established resources to channelize aspirations and ambitions of our students. We aim to pursue ethical means to cater to and complement the services of our partner organisations globally to further grow and meet our student’s expectations.

Our Vision

Having vision is possessing a keen sense of what to do to maximize the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by proactive, forward thinking and planning that anticipates and delivers performance beyond the company’s and customer’s current needs.

Sound and Timely Decision Making Good decision-making requires good decision analysis. It requires identification of options, clarity of judgment, completeness, thoroughness, decisiveness, and effective implementation. In short, it means getting it correct.

Continuous, Measurable, Improvement Always look for a better way of doing things. Seek new, innovative opportunities to excel, overcome adversity, and provide alternative, constructive views. Continually improve processes and systems to improve productivity.

We hope you will consider joining us as we guide our company towards a bigger and brighter future.

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Why study abroad?

First of all, it's going to make you much more marketable, because more and more companies are realizing that they need people with experiences around the globe, who can speak different languages,

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Benefits of studying abroad

Merit-Based Scholarship, Need-Based Scholarship , External Scholarship.


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